Monthly Challenge Timelines

There are a few dates to keep in mind when signing up for our monthly challenges:

  • You can normally join our monthly challenges starting on the 15th/20th of the previous month and up until the last day of the challenge
  • Evidence submission opens on the first day of the challenge month and it stays open until the 5th of the following month (or until you’ve submitted enough mileage to cover your goal)
  • You can opt into locking your target early (on the 5th of the challenge month). In that case, we will be able to post your medal shortly after challenge completion
  • Or you can opt out and keep your target unlocked till the end of the challenge month. That’s when your medal will be posted a month later (if you join the challenge after the 5th, this is the only option you will have available)

This might be helpful… or confusing… but the diagram below might help to explain this a little better:

There is a process around our monthly challenges we have to follow to make sure we have all the medals ready, they are sent on time, etc. We know it might be frustrating sometimes to wait for your hard-earned medal for another month, so we wanted to clarify this a little more… and we ended up with this diagram:

It’s our first take on it - we’ll see if we can make it look better🙄

PS. And how do you choose to opt in / opt out? When joining the challenge, there is an option for that: