"Pay now" or "Pay later"?

When joining a challenge, you can choose one of the two payment options:

  • Pay Now
  • Pay Later

If you choose “pay now”, you are all in. Once you’ve completed the challenge and provided evidence, we will send you the medal.

If you choose “pay later”, you are, essentially, playing as safe as you can, since we won’t be charging you, and you don’t have to worry at all about achieving your goals. You can still decide to go for it, achieve your monthly target, and, at that point, you can decide to order your medal.

It seems there is a little less motivation when it’s the second option, eh? However, we get it, there could be different circumstances, so we will leave it to you to pick the right option.

PS. And how do you order a medal once you’ve achieved your challenge goal with the “pay later” option? It’s easy to do. Once you are ready, go to the challenge page and locate “Order your Medal” button: